Hall of Fame

UBJC Hall of fame since 2007. (Some records incomplete)

Dan grades awarded whilst at the club (Excludes pre-existing Dan Grades)

2016 Marcus Jones
2016 Reece Hustwitt
2014 Will McPartland
2013 Jessica Moore
2013 Rob Lowther
2012 Nikita Ushakov
2012 Simon Bates
2011 Derreck Van Gelderen
2011 Ilya Gladenko
2011 Alex Grady
2011 Marcus Atkinson
2010 Sara Garrett
2009 Kevin O’Flaherty
2009 Laurent Zeggwagh
2007 Jim Lucas
2006 Rob Dodson

UBJC Captains

2016/17 Reece Hustwitt
2015/2016 Marcus Jones
2014/2015 Rob Lowther
2013/2014 Will McPartland
2012/2013 Derrek Van Gelderen
2011/2012 Ilya Gladenko
2010/2011 Simon Bates
2009/2010 Tim Kay
2008/2009 Kevin O’Flaherty
2007/2008 Josh Abrahams
2006/2007 Rob Dodson

UBJC Treasurers

2016/17 Andreas Armstrong
2015/2016 Henry Stanford
2014/2015 Reece Hustwitt
2013/2014 Emily Baker
2012/2013 Will McPartland
2011/2012 Will Jarvis
2010/2011 Ilya Gladenko
2009/2010 Pippa Hayes
2008/2009 Pippa Hayes
2007/2008 Josh Nicholson

UBJC Vice Captains

2016/17 Alex van Doorn and Greg Cawthorne
2015/2016 Josh Zwetsloot and Reece Hustwitt
2014/2015 George Taylor and George Guilbert
2013/2014 Jessica Moore and Mike Liddiard
2012/2013 Simon Bates and Nikita Ushakov
2011/2012 Nikita Ushakov and Rosie Heller
2010/2011 Derrek Van Gelderen
2009/2010 Ben Stratton and Simon Bates
2008/2009 Sean McGregor

UBJC Social Secretaries

2016/17 Hari Jones and Suban Kulasingam
2015/2016 Amy Cotter and Greg Cawthorne
2014/2015 Josh Zwetsloot and Marcus Jones
2013/2014 Rob Lowther and Frankie Dempsey
2012/2013 Rebecca Hailes and Mike Liddiard
2011/2012 Simon Roberts and Mike Liddiard
2010/2011 Marcus Atkinson and Hannah Day
2009/2010 Derrek Van Gelderen and Jim Garrard
2008/2009 Tim Kay and Charlie Cullie

AU Martial Arts Representative

2014/15 Rebecca Hailes
2013/2014 Rebecca Hailes
2013/2012 Rebecca Telfer
2011/2012 Simon Bates
2010/2011 Simon Bates
2009/2010 Jui Jitsu
2008/2009 Jui Jitsu

UBJC Publicity Officers

2016/17 Sam Underwood
2015/2016 Gillian Armitstead
2014/2015 Rachel Crookes
2013/2014 Seth Sahil Shah
2012/2013 Will Jarvis
2011/2012 Lauren Chan

UBJC Development Officers

2016/17 Ollie Wilde

UoB Reds

Sara Garrett 2010

AU Full Colours

2015/2016 Reece Hustwitt, Marcus Jones
2014/2015 Will McPartland, Rob Lowther
2013/2014 Simon Bates, Rebecca Hailes, Will McPartland, Emily Baker
2012/2013 Derreck Van Gelderen and Rebecca Telfer
2011/2012 Ilya Gladenko, Nikita Ushakov
2010/2011 Derreck Van Gelderen
2009/2010 Sara Garrett, Tim Kay
2008/2009 Kevin O’Flaherty
2007/2008 Rob Dodson

USIST Boat race champions 

2015 (Under Captain Rob Lowther)
2014 (Under Captain Will McPartland)
2013 (Under Captain Derreck Van Gelderen)
2012 (Under Captain Ilya Gladenko)
2011 (Under Captain Simon Bates)
2010 (Under Captain Tim Kay)
2009 (Under Captain Kevin O’Flaherty)

BUCS Medals

2015 John Gilbert U90 Kyu Grades
2014 Emily Baker Bronze U78 Kyu Grades
2013 Rebecca Telfer gold o78 Dan Grades
2013 Mike Liddiard bronze o100 Dan Grades
2013 Emily Baker bronze U63 Kyu Grades
2012 Rebecca Telfer gold o78 Dan Grades
2012 Rebecca Hailed gold u57 kyu grades
2012 Claire Parsons gold U78 kyu grades
2011 Ilya Gladenko gold U90 Dan Grades
2011 Rosie Heller Silver U52 Kyu Grades
2010 Will Jarvis gold u60 kyu grades
2010 Tim Kay bronze U73 Kyu Grades
2010 Adam Irwin bronze U81 Kyu Grades
2010 Rosie Heller Silver U52 Kyu Grades
2010 Hannah Day bronze u52 Kyu Grades
2010 Pippa Hayes gold U63 Kyu Grades
2010 Lucy Hayes bronze U70 Kyu Grades
2010 Erica Chisholm gold u78 kyu grades
2009 Tim Kay bronze u73 kyu grades
2009 Pippa Hayes bronze u57 kyu grades



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