Meet the UBJC Committee 2017-18


Hi! I’m Ollie, and I’m the captain of UBJC this year. This will be my third year in the club and I have been practicing judo for the last 5 years. I am currently a 1st Kyu (Brown belt). UBJC is a brilliant and friendly club with top class tuition and a great social life. Since joining I’ve had the opportunity to compete in competitions I never thought I would, have improved my Judo, made amazing friends and had loads of amazing nights out. I strongly encourage you to come to the club, whether you want to start a new sport, are already involved in the sport or just want to make some new friends and improve your fitness at the same time and I hope to see you all on the mat!


I’m Hari, one of the Vice Captains this year! I started judo at around 10 years old, and competed until the age of 16, having represented Wales once. I took it up again when I came to university, looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, and very much enjoyed UBJC’s close family and social atmosphere, as well as the nights out, which is the main reason I decided to become the club’s social secretary. This year I’ll be hoping to make sure all members feel welcome and enjoy the benefits of being in the club off the mat as well as in training as much as I did last year. Most of all I’m looking to make sure more people become aware of and participate in judo as I so passionately enjoy it myself.

Aiden Judo

Hello, everyone! I’m Aidan. I’m a final year History student with far too much time on my hands, and I’ll be a Vice Captain for UBJC for this academic year. I’ll be organising competition fixtures for UBJC with Hari Jones, VC.

Judo has been a big chunk of my life for the last 13 years. I was fairly set on being a ninja when I was eight. Sadly, I was told that this would be difficult to arrange, so I settled for an hour a week of judo at the local sports centre, instead.

After a decade of Thursday nights and fairly slow progress, UBJC has encouraged me to take judo more seriously. The coaching is fantastic, and it’s there three nights a week if you want it! On top of that, this such a sociable club, and people of all abilities are friendly on and off the matt – except in randori…

Like everyone else, I want this club to offer everyone the chance to be the best judoka they can be. Here’s to a great year x


Hi! I’m Mairead and I’m the treasurer for UBJC this year. I’m a second year psychology student and I picked up Judo last year as I was looking for a fun new way to keep fit and meet people. I couldn’t imagine not being a part of the club now! Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly which makes for a great atmosphere at training, competitions and our awesome socials – the year would not be complete without some nail-biting fights and wild nights out (and USIST has it all!). I can’t believe how much I’ve improved, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


Having not done a whole lot in 1st year I was eager to find a sport to do in my spare time. I did Judo during primary school, but, couldn’t really remember why I stopped. So, at the beginning of second year thought I’d give it another go and haven’t looked back since! This will be the third year at the club, in that time I started as a beginner and am now on my 4th belt. This year in my role as development office I hope to continue the work that was done by our now Captain- Ollie. So, hopefully in the next few years there will be a competition in Bristol, as well, the club are applying for ‘Performance Sport’ status to try help those people that want to compete at a higher level get the coaching, support and advice that they need. This year I hope to introduce a ‘Buddy’ system, so everyone will have someone a grade or two higher than themselves looking out to see how you are doing. Hopefully this will allow newbies to get better quicker, people that have been doing Judo for a while can have more focused discussion so they can improve and the highest grades can develop some coaching skills. For myself, Judo is a great sport, with a friendly club and open to all levels and abilities so give it a go!!


Hi, I’m Harry, Publicity Office for UBJC! I am a 3rd year English student and when I’m doing practicing judo put on plays and play rugby. I started Judo when and was 10, but like a lot of people that join UBJC I’d stopped pretty soon after. I could not have wished for a better way back into the sport than at Bristol and I am not a proud Green Belt, with a bronze BUCS medal and many a social under his belt. My only regret is waiting for my 2nd year to join.

I’m Ellie and I am study performing arts and theatre studies in my second. I am also the new Social Sec for this year, meaning we are all going to have THE best nights out!! I do judo because it keeps me fit and active. Judo makes me feel better as I know how to protect myself off the mat if I did ever get into trouble. And it is does wonders to release all the stress of a long hard week.


Hello! My name is Esther. I’m in second year and am UBJC’s Social Secretary together with Ellie this year. I’ve been doing Judo for almost half my life. I will probably continue to participate all my life as it has proven to me to be a very enriching and wholesome sport. Practising Judo, I have gained fitness and confidence with self defence, and learnt discipline. Practising Judo in UBJC, I have found a family I can share this gentle sport’s love with, in and out of the mats (the socials are amazing guys, you get to travel as well). I suggest you don’t waste time and come check us out, keep an open mind!





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