Check out our photos from our biggest competition of the year – USIST!

Thank you to smifsports for taking all these brilliant action shots!

Our weekend saw Bristol face some tough competition, and for some it was their first competition experience! These photos are just a snapshot of the high quality judo that was displayed during the competition, showing all the hard work paying off from our sessions at UBJC. As well as this, UBJC had to keep up tradition regarding its commitment to socials, shown here through our fantastic ‘under the sea’ costumes!

On a sadder note, Bristol’s 7 year annual USIST Boat Race run was broken. After our first lady for the team was taken ill, we tried to put on a brave face and carry on with the competition, determined not to let this affect us as social sec Amy ‘crazy’ Cotter, stood up to the challenge. After a victorious first round, tensions were high, but unfortunately we were beaten by the Scotts in the final round…

Needless to say, we will return next year to reclaim our title!


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