After only one training session George, Josh and myself competed on the 5th October at the Bristol County Closed competition. Big D gave us a lift and by the end of the journey we were all thoroughly well informed that he was hungover. As the comp was in the local area we got an unusually late start and arrived after a few sat nav issues and phone calls to the reliable and knowledgeable Judo Kev.

After weighing in, a necessary visit to subway got us on track for the day ahead. Josh and myself entered the youth category at -66kg. We had five fights each, with me winning our showdown. It was a bittersweet victory as we had both intended to smash each other through the mat but I’ll take the win by pin.

My lack of fitness and training were evident as I spent a lot of time lying down in between fights and at one point was unable to grip my opponent’s gi. I got the silver in the youth category and Josh received the bronze.

After a brief rest Josh decided to sit out of the senior category as a golf ball sized bruise had risen on his leg – wise choice. I had my doubts too but persevered and had some tough fights against bigger opponents. I ended up beating the winner of the youth category and won the gold, which felt deserved after eight exhausting fights.

George Taylor also received a gold medal after his fights and UBJC came home with two new county champions and a bronze medal!

The competition was a good and tough introduction back to judo after a summer of no practice. Medal count: 2 x gold, 1 x silver, 1 x bronze

Rob Lowther

Videos of the event will be up on out YouTube channel soon!



IMG_0192      IMG_0199

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