Rob Lowther, Captain
For me, judo is tough and rewarding, and there’s nothing more adrenaline pumping than the first few seconds on the mat at a competition.
I have done judo on and off since primary school, but became most interested and driven at university, where other people relied on me and supported me, so I wasn’t just training for myself. UBJC welcomes all skill levels and had a huge haul of beginners last year, who have integrated into the club well.
UBJC is a sociable club and we meet up most Wednesday evenings with varying levels of intensity, ranging from a casual meal with your mates to absolute carnage. Apart from being fun, the social side is crucial in maintaining our team spirit. As captain I hope to be approachable and lead by example at sessions and competitions.

georgeGeorge Taylor (G&T), Vice Captain

I have only been doing judo for a year but I have really enjoyed getting into it. It can be really competitive if you want it to be, the social events are great and the team are a lot of fun. It would be great to see you if you would like to come down and check it out, so get in touch

Reece Hustwitt, Treasurerreece

Hi I’m Reece Hustwitt, UBJC treasurer for 2014/2015. I’ve been doing judo now for 12 years either at home or at university and currently a 1st Kyu (Brown Belt). Judo is one of my passions in life as it is one of the best ways to keep fit, continually learn new things, meet new people and have a laugh together. This is done either through the relaxed training environment, the massive socials put on or the club ventures to competitions around the UK. I would strongly urge anyone to come along and give it a try to see what I mean.


Josh Zwetsloot, Social Sec

Hi! Great to see you’re interested in Judo! Doing the freshers’ fair this year has taken me back to when I was in the same position as you a year ago. I was both inquisitive and dubious about judo, and through this passage I would just like to reassure you that you are absolutely making the right choice in signing up, as I discovered last year.
In my first year I sort of toyed with the idea of joining judo – went to a couple of training sessions, but never fully committed myself and didn’t go to the socials. This turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes at university so far. Upon starting my second year I thought I’d really commit; I went to every training session and every social. Even before the end of the first term I knew I’d missed out on some epic times in my first year on both the mat and at the socials. Not to mention I made some great friends in that time, including this motley crew we call the committee.
Don’t make my mistake!

marcusMarcus Jones, Social Sec

I’m one of the people in charge of making sure everyone has a great night out with us. The best thing about UBJC for me is the people involved – we support each other both on and off the mat. We NEVER make people feel bad for losing, and we definitely will NEVER make anyone do anything they don’t want to on a night out. We’re all here to have fun!


Rachel Crookes, Publicity Officer

My name is Rachel, and I’m the club’s Publicity Officer for this year. Before I joined judo last year I did virtually no sport/exercise, but when I was dragged along to a session by Marcus I was quickly hooked. I love how it’s both an individual sport when you’re on the mat, and a team sport when you’re fighting at a competition supported by everyone else! The socials also sucked me in- everyone was so friendly to newcomers, and the whole club atmosphere when drinking and having a laugh is just fantastic 🙂 A year on from joining I’m a 5th Kyu (yellow belt), and still love coming to all the sessions.

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