Hi Guys!

If you are reading this, you are probably either a current member of the group, or a member-to-be, so welcome!

If you are someone who’s thinking about joining the club, then this is the post for you- I’m giving a run-down of what we get up to at UBJC 🙂

Firstly, a little about the sport. Judo uses throwing, grappling and holding to get your opponent on their back as quickly as possible. Translating as “gentle way” from Japanese, there is no punching or kicking involved, just using your strength, balance and momentum to move your opponent around, and get them to the ground!

We train three times a week (though you don’t have to attend all the sessions) at either the Japan Arts Centre, which is down Jacob’s Wells road about 10 minutes walk away from the university campus, or at the Student’s Union. You will be taught by our local sensei, Chris Hunt, a 6th dan who has been practising and teaching judo for many years, as well as experienced judokas within the club. With their help, you will quickly pick up the basics, and start learning throws and techniques, hopefully getting your first belt within the first couple of months of training!

One of the best parts of being a member of UBJC is the competitions you will be able to attend. We compete nationally all over the country, against judo teams from a number of different universities. Here all the hard work in training pays off, as you go up against new judokas, and hopefully bring home some medals! The post-socials are always epic, with members of clubs from all the different unis coming together, getting to know each other, and going out in the evening for a night of mayhem!

This leads me on to the social element of the club. Every Wednesday, our social secs will dream up a fantastic night of drinking for everyone to or everyone to get involved in. Last year’s socials included a scavenger hunt, a medical themed night of drinking games, and a farm-animal based team drinking competition. Also at the end of the year, all the UoB sports clubs join for the AU sports dinner- a black-tie event which is always a brilliant way of rounding off the year with food, drink, and a rewards ceremony.

That pretty much sums the club up! If you have any questions at all, email our captain Rob at rl12486.2012@my.bristol.ac.uk, or post in the Facebook group found here

We hope to see you soon!

Rachel Crookes, Publicity Officer
USIST crew

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